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Rosin Presses

Pure Vapes as one of the largest collection of Rosin Presses in the UK you won't find a better collection of rosin press machines in the UK for medical and Recreational use. As we are authorized dealer of most of the top brands of rosin press here in the UK we can price match any dealer in the UK unless they are not authorized dealers of that brand, in that case your warranty is avoid with the manufacturer please read Amazon return poilcy you are NOT covered for a full warrantry if bought through any online auction sites like Amazon, Ubuy Ebay, etc, Only for 30 Days.

Solvent Free Rosin Press is becoming a big thing in the UK we are a bit behind the USA with the rosin press but we are catching up fast, the taste is absolutely phenomenal you can make Cannabis oil Vape pen cartridges, Crumble, Shatter, Wax, and edibles sweets, with these baby's. Rosineer, RosinBomb, Rosin Tech, Nugsmasmasher, Dulytek and Qnubu rosin press.

Please Note: We been ask offen if our presses comes with UK or EU plug and full UK warranty yes they do and if your in the UK you can get free shipping on all press we are authorized dealer so everything is above broad.

If You Find A Lower Authorized UK Dealer Price Than Ours, We Can Match It!


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