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Kandypens Crystal Dab Pen

Kandypens Crystal Dab Pen | PureVapes UK

The KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer is an innovative and compact, stainless steel vaporizer made in the USA. The vaporizer has a sleek look and comes in two colors, white or black. This vaporizer is made only for use with concentrates. The Crystal Vaporizer is known for its unique quartz atomizer, splash proof glass mouthpiece and variable voltage battery. Instead of using a standard coil to heat, the Crystal Vaporizer features a bucket style, all quartz atomizer which efficiently heats your concentrates evenly without touching the actual heating element providing you with a smoother and tastier experience. The wide build of the atomizer makes it easy for you to fill your concentrates and you can always use the convenient loading tool keychain that the Crystal Vaporizer comes with.

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