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Davinci IQC Vaporizer For Dry Herbs, UK Review

The New Davinci IQC Vaporizer

Is the next best thing to come from the davinci company, The New Davinci IQC weed Vaporizer comes in Red, Green, Blue, Black. colours!


I been using davinci vaporizers for years now since the Original Davinci IQ came out in 2016 and i still think its one of the top end vape out there right now for cannabis, Davinici is know for its great taste, big clouds, great build.

what is the Davinci IQC?

The Davinci IQC isn't the main flag ship vaporizer for Davinici that's still the Davinci IQ2, then the Davinci IQC with less thrills then the IQ2, and last but not least the Davinci Miqro for miqro dosing if your new to vaping cannabis the Miqro is best for you to start with.

But the new impove version of the original IQ is a mid entry level Vaporizer by Davinci that's why it's £70 cheaper than the IQ2 which is great if you can't afford the IQ2.

Unlike the IQ2 that is compatible with cannabis and concentrates the IQC is just for cannabis only which is great i you don't use concentrates this be the vaporizer for you.

At the base of the unit is the ceramic oven lined in glass Davinci came out with dosing pod to keep the oven clean in Ceramic and stainless steel version which you can buy from both fit into the IQC and the IQ2 vaporizer oven they hold 0.3g of flower and come in a pack of 6 pod per pack.

The IQC is realase 19/7/2021

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