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Rosin Presses For sale UK supplier Review Dulytek, NugSmasher, Pure Pressure, RosinBomb, Rosineer, and Qnubu Presses.

What is a Rosin Press?

Pure Vapes as one of the largest collection of Rosin Presses in the UK you won't find a better collection of rosin press machines in the UK for medical and Recreational use.
As we are authorized dealer of most of the top brands of rosin press here in the UK we can price match any dealer in the UK unless they are not authorized dealers of that brand, in that case your warranty is avoid with the manufacturer please read Amazon return poilcy you are NOT covered for a full warrantry if bought through any online auction sites like Amazon, Ubuy Ebay, etc, Only for 30 Days.

Best Rosin Press — Review And Comparison Of 2020's Top Presses – Grow Light  Central
We Are Authorizer Dealers For The Top Brands Of Rosin Presses On The Market.

  RosinBombPure Pressure, Rosin TechNugsmasmasher, Dulytek, Rosineer and Qnubu rosin press.

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UK Dulytek Presses

Home Production

Dulytek Dulytek Equipment is a US-based engineering company that designs, manufactures, and sells botanical oil solventless extraction presses, retrofit DIY heat plates kits and related accessories such as rosin filter bags, pre-press molds, hydroponic equipment, collection tools and sets for small to middle-size businesses such as experimental laboratories, herbal stores, breweries, and others. We build rosin press machines that are easy to use, affordable, and reliable so that our customers can keep on running them day after day. Many of our press machines are lightweight and portable, which makes them convenient for home users. Our design team is constantly working on developing new ways to improve and optimize rosin extraction methods and provide our clients with the best products possible. 

Dulytek Rosin Presses, Plate Kits, Accessories for Cannabis Extraction

UK NugSmasher Presses

Home and Professional 

Nugsmasmasher NugSmasher offer an extensive product lineup to suit every need from medical/recreational home use or travel to full commercial production. The NugSmasher® models offer a simple and highly accurate way for you or your customers to enjoy a truly chemical free, clean and affordable option for your concentrate needs. Every NugSmasher® is built by hand and undergoes testing with the strictest tolerance and quality control measures available in the industry. All versions are constructed with US made structural steel and T6 6061 aluminum and are fabricated and assembled from start to finish in-house at the NugSmasher® factory in Lake Havasu City, AZ. We back each NugSmasher® unit with an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on every component of the system and we are available to support our customers by phone, online or in person during normal business hours and via email and social media on weekends and after hours. Please see our facility tour “link” for a closer look at our operations. Thank you as always for choosing NugSmasher®!

NugSmasher: Rosin Made Simple | Leafly

UK Pure Pressure Presses

Home and Professional

Pure Pressure PurePressure is proud to also provide the world's first truly automated rosin press option, which dramatically increase the efficiency and throughput of any solventless rosin operation. This is available for both the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak, and enables any user to create the type of press they'd like to do and let the rosin press do the rest. 

Pikes Peak Rosin Press – GreenBroz, Inc.

UK Rosineer Presses

Home Production


Rosineer Founded in the fall of 2014, Rosineer Technologies is an engineering company offering an extensive range of equipment, accessories and innovative process solutions that based on advanced technology and a real knowledge of the plant extract industry. We at Rosineer understand the need of our customers, who are under increasing economic competitive and regulatory pressures, and we partner with them to design and deliver the most reliable, efficient, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for the process and overall project implementation.

Rosineer PRESSO Personal Rosin Heat Press, 1500+ lbs

UK RosinBomb Presses

Home Production

RosinBomb, Rosinbomb manufacturers personal & commercial rosin press machines that deliver the highest possible solventless yield. Press with the Best!

We built Rosinbomb so you could make clean, good concentrates at home. We value ease of use and discretion. Our units are small but mighty, the quietest on the market, and make it so you can press clean fresh rosin whenever you want. The opportunities are endless — you’ll never be limited to small set of rosins available in retail again. With an at-home rosin press, you can press any flower strain you want into sweet, honey-colored concentrate.

Rosin Presses - How do they work? – Herbalize Store UK

UK Qnubu Presses 

Home Production

Qnubu This range of home extraction apparatus from Spanish specialists, Qnubu is purpose built to give you professional standard results from your essential oil extractions.

Qnubu make everything you’ll need to create air fresheners, essential oils, rosin and other extractions without the need for expensive equipment or any toxic solvents.

Shop extraction bags, parchment paper and heated rosin extraction presses all made to a superb standard by this exciting specialist manufacturer.

Qnubu Extraction Tools and Accessories


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