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The UK No1 Authorized Dealer For NugsMasher Products In The UK!

The UK No1 Authorized Dealer For NugsMasher Products In The UK!

All NugSmasher UK presses come with UK or EU plug if you live in the EU no need for a step up or step down transfomer full life time warranty. 

Best selling rosin press in the world!  

We are offen ask if our products are the same as Amazon, Ebay, and UBuy?

No our presses are better our presses come with UK plug, so you can plug ang play right out the box, and a full lifetime Warranty Amazon, Ebay, and UBuy come with a USA plug which needs a step up and down transformer to work here in the UK and EU which will also cost an additional £70-£100 Some presses have a European configuration, rated at 220v. If you did not get a European configured press you will need to convert yours. And step the voltage down from the wall to the rating of the press.

If you need to step down the power from the wall from 220v to 110v you will DEFINITELY NEED one of these or you will exceed the voltage rating of the press, and it will try to draw double the wattage, since you double the voltage and make your warranty void and you don't know if the press was used or refurbish before you bought it, plus the warranty is only 30 days on amazon and Ebay not a full lifetime manufacturer warranty like ours here at Pure vapes

We are a authorized UK supplier product are available for next day delivery, unlike the presses on amazon which take 2 weeks for delivery.

We can't price match Amazon or Ebay because they are not authorized NugSmasher dealers like Pure Vapes and their warranty is Void which means you can no longer claim for repairs if something goes wrong with your NugSmasher press in the 30 days after the warranty expiry time.

Please read their return policy carefully. 

There Are Authorized Dealers For a Reason To Give You Peace of Mind, The Best Customer Support For Your Products And You Get The Full Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty For Your Press For Life Which Is The Best Warranty In The Rosin Press Industry.

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