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Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer


Puffco Plus V2 UK


This all-time favourite concentrate pen has gotten some awesome updates. On top of all the cool features the old PuffCo Plus already had, Puffco made some clever additions:

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Puffco Plus V2 UK


The battery life on the Plus V2 is improved with 15% and that is very a convenient upgrade since it’s never fun to run out of power when you are out on adventures and want to enjoy dab hit. The battery got an amazingly high power of 520mAh and that will give you about one hour of continuous use and many, many dabs hits for you and your friends.


1x Puffco Plus Pen + (Includes one full ceramic coil-less heating chamber)

1x USB Supercharger

1x Pack Cotton Cleaning Swabs

1x Instruction Manual


The Puffco Plus is a Dab Pen that Is very recommendable for someone looking to get a sleek unit with good battery life and great vapor production. It’s around $100 so that is definitely on the pricier side for a dab pen but with that being said I think it is well worth the money spent because of the quality and finish of this beautiful unit from Puffco.


Vaporizes Concentrates

Preconfigured temperature levels 3 settings (3.6 - 4.2 volts)

Initial Heating 12 seconds

Heating System Conduction with Convection elements

Heating Chamber Material Ceramic

Removable Battery 50 hits on average

Battery Capacity 25-30 minutes

Charge Time 3 hours

Compatibility With Chargers USB

Compatibility with Smartphone Applications No

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Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer