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Helix 8.75" Beaker Water Pipe


Grav Helix 8.75" Beaker Water Pipe UK


Helix Flute percolator

Beaker base for big capacity

5mm thick glass!

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Grav Helix 8.75" Beaker Water Pipe UK

The Helix Water Pipes are designed for maximum capacity in the smallest possible space. They have a super wide base section and a tapered top section which means plenty of space for you to milk it up and then rip it clear for a massive hit. In between the two sections is the iconic Helix Flute which will chill and clean your smoke to perfection. The removable diffused downstem is fitted with a 14.5mm female joint.

Maximum Capacity In The Smallest Possible Space

The ingenious design of this bong helps it efficiently pack a huge amount of cooling and filtration into a small and compact unit. The unique design with its wide base and tapered top ensure that your smoke is thoroughly cooled.

Helix Flute

The helix flute percolator ensures that your hit is cooled even further. It does this by breaking your hit up into smaller bubbles. This increases the surface area allowing the water in the pipe to work upon it further giving you a smooth, cool hit.

Total Height: 9in

Base width: 4in

5mm borosilicate glass

14mm female groud joint

Includes 14mm male Funnel Bowl

Etch Helix decal

Helix Mouthpiece cools down hits with air injection and spinning action

Most recent design

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Helix 8.75" Beaker Water Pipe