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OTTO Grinder Banana Bros.


OTTO Grinder Banana Bros.

This sleekly designed all-in-one device is able to grind and pack 20-30 cones per charge, automatically and evenly filling premium cones with efficiency. The OTTO Gold grinder transforms dry material to cone in mere seconds, delivering perfect rolls every time. Employing their own innovative SMART grinding technology, banana bros. equipped the OTTO with a spring-loaded grinder that mimics human hand grinding gestures, ensuring that content is ground to uniform perfection. 6 premium cones feature 100% natural raw fibre and wider lips that allow contents to fill all the way to the tip, ensuring an even burn with a superior draw. Defined by design and efficiency, the OTTO grinder makes rolling easy so you can take it easy.

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Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder 

Sleek and ergonomic, the limited-edition OTTO transforms dry herb into cones in mere seconds. Able to grind and pack 20-30 cones per charge, this device fills automatically and evenly. Employing their own innovative Artificial Intelligence grinding technology, the OTTO has been engineered with a spring-loaded grinder that mimics human hand grinding gestures, allowing for its content to be ground to uniform perfection.

How to use the OTTO grinder

Simply load the chamber with dry herb and place a premium cone in the tube. Attach the grinder to the tube using the magnetic connectors located under the device. Hold the power button down to turn the device on, then press it once to begin grinding. This innovative electric grinder will sense changes in the material and make adjustments to ensure perfect consistency. The cone will then be evenly filled with ground herb. Now just retrieve your pre-rolled cone and get ready to relax.

OTTO Grinder features

Limited edition

Mill & fill at the touch of a button

AI adjusts the direction, speed & pressure

Even grind prevents air pockets & runs

Grinds & packs 20-30 cones per charge

Compatible with all short, standard or king-sized cones

O-funnel included

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OTTO Grinder Banana Bros.