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Helix 5 Ton Pro Manual Rosin Press

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Helix Pro 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press


The Helix Pro gives you unparalleled control to create the best rosin possible and features 60% more force than its smaller cousin, the Helix. Each and every Helix Pro is manufactured at our factory in Denver, Colorado from the best components available. The Helix Pro rosin press is the perfect addition to any serious home grower's arsenal or any laboratory looking to increase the precision of their rosin output. With bigger plates and more force, the Helix Pro is built for perfection. Easily press up to 12 grams of flower or 20+ grams of sift or hash per cycle.

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Helix Pro 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press UK

The best manual rosin press out there

Feature loaded in a conveniently sized rosin press

Like its smaller cousin, the Helix Pro rosin presses are user-friendly and easy to twist press operation, with no air compressor required but provides more force and bigger plates. It features an ultra accurate force measuring load cell that displays bag pressure in real time with as little as 10lb increments.

5 tons of force for more throughput

The Helix pro utilizes two 2.5" x 7" premium 6061 aluminum heat plate assemblies, each with independent thermocouples for evenly distributed heat from 0°F - 300°F and temperature accuracy to 1 degree Fahrenheit. It offers up to 5 tons of force (10,000 lbf) output from our 100% custom engineered lead screw twist press technology.

Complete control at your finger tips

Each Helix is built with our intuitive Pressware™ technology, which offers a full color LCD touch screen with custom software for unparalleled consistency and control. It has the ability to save up to 29 pre-set recipes so once you dial in your settings you can repeat your results exactly.

USA built quality

We manufacture and quality control every Helix rosin press at our factory in Denver, Colorado, and each unit is made with premium components that are engineered to last.

Up to 5 tons of force (10,000 lbf) output

No air compressor required, manual twist force application

Built with two 2.5" x 7" 6061 aluminum heat plate assemblies, each with independent thermocouples

0°F - 300°F temperature range

Temperature accuracy to within 1 degree Fahrenheit

Powder coated housing

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