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PurePressure Specialized Rosin Scraping Tool


PurePressure Specialized Rosin Scraping Tool

PurePressure's custom engineered rosin scraping tool helps you scrape your rosin that much easier, while significantly reducing the chance of a parchment paper tear. After months of research and development, PurePressure's own premium rosin collection tool is here. Save time, money, and reduce scraper waste! This custom scraping tool works better than any other one on the market due to it's beveled blade design, which quickly and easily helps you scrape your rosin off the parchment and onto the blade.

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PurePressure Specialized Rosin Scraping Tool

Custom engineered for collecting rosin

Made for rosin

PurePressure's custom engineered rosin collection tool was made specifically for scraping and harvesting rosin. Its full metal construction offers food grade stainless steel blades and an anodized aluminum handle.

Two beveled blades

The two gently beveled food grade stainless steel blades enable easier rosin collection while dramatically reducing the chance of tearing or ripping your parchment paper. One end measures 2" wide and the other is 1". They offer the perfect amount of flexibility to collect any consistency of rosin off of parchment or PTFE.

Super durable

These specialized scrapers are made in Denver, Colorado and offer scratch resistant aluminum handles with a jewel PurePressure logo. They're engineered to be used all day, every day, and clean up easily.

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