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Bruteless 20 Gallon At-Home Hash Washing Kit


Bruteless 20 Gallon At-Home Hash Washing Kit

Ditch the trash can and upgrade to a sanitary food grade stainless steel Bruteless 20 gallon setup. This kit includes everything you need to start making ice water hash out of the box and can be upgraded in numerous ways depending on your bubble hash production needs. The 1" thick insulation helps you use significantly less ice in a day and the Bruteless 20 gallon vessel comes with a baffled false bottom so that you trichomes and settle gently as they detach during agitation.

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PurePressure Bruteless 20 Gallon At-Home Hash Washing Kit

Upgrade your hash washing setup with one convenient package

Everything you need to make better bubble hash

Includes a Bruteless 20 gallon vessel

One matching 20 gallon open wash liner

One food grade plastic wash paddle

A set of 5 gallon 8 bag Boldt Lock Top filter bags

Plus a 5 gallon plastic wash bucket for draining and filtering

A wash vessel loaded with features

The included 20 gallon Bruteless wash vessel comes with a passivated stainless steel false bottom so that your trichomes are protected during the wash, two strategically placed ports, a stainless steel ball valve to drain, and a matching stainless steel lid.

Small size, big throughput

Wash up to 2,500 fresh frozen grams or more per batch!

Fully upgradable

Want a bigger vessel, a freeze dryer, or other accessories? Make sure to contact our team today and they'll walk you through all your options.

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