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Aromed Vaporizer


Aromed Vaporizer


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Aromed Whiteline Vaporizer 


suitable for medical use

efficient, high quality device

regulated temperature control

New quality vaporizer from Research & Experience

The Aromed Whiteline from the manufacturer Research & Experience is the new version of the Aromed vaporizer and is therefore one of the quality devices among the vaporizers. What is particularly appealing about this model is its beautiful sheathing in elegant white. As a quality vaporizer, the Aromed Whiteline offers a health-friendly and convenient way to dissolve and inhale active ingredients using steam from plant material such as medicinal herbs.In addition to the herbs, the Aromed Whiteline can also evaporate oils and release their intense fragrance. This makes it ideal for aromatherapy. Inhaling herbal ingredients through a vaporizer like Aromed Whiteline is also called phyto-inhalation. The user not only benefits from the varied and intense aroma that arises when the herbs or oils are evaporated, but also from the gentle effect on the lungs.Vaporizing inhales the coveted active ingredients of the plant material without having to inhale pollutants such as oxides and soot particles. Furthermore, the vaporizer offers enjoyable smoking pleasure without tar and nicotine. In addition, the whiteliner is extremely economical with its material and uses the herbs used intensively - over 90%. In addition, the active ingredients are only released when inhaled and not when the device is idle. Thus, the customer can save considerably in the long term when purchasing new medicinal herbs and oils.

scope of delivery

1x Aromed Whiteliner vaporizer (latest version)

1x Aromed transport case

1x detailed German instructions

1x Aromed water glass

1x Aromed herb holder

1x Aromed hose

1x Aromed glass mouthpiece


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Aromed Vaporizer